Design Wall Fountain that Makes a Garden to be Beautiful

The park has the function of greening and also has a function as the exterior of your home. One that can add value to the exterior of your home is with a wall fountain. Several unique design of the fountain is usually with the addition of head-shaped stone carvings of animals such as lions, deer, and so forth. Some showerhead mounted on the wall also added a few pieces of outboard garden lighting that will add a beautiful garden in your home. Shower water which is usually used to have two levels of showers that will cause water splashing increasingly melodious and makes quiet heart to listen.

Usually the park using the indoor wall fountain has a fairly wide area of ​​the park so it can put the shower in a spacious garden wall. Usually, some people prefer a shower attached to the wall functioned also at the bottom as a fish pond. Thus, the circulation of water and air in an increasingly well with the existing showerhead on the wall. If you prefer, you can also create a fairly large pond bottom so that you can make a small bridge over a pond that connects between the edge of the pool and showers.

In addition to a shower that can be created in the wall of the park, you can also make it in the middle of the park as well. The function of the shower is in the middle of this park as an added value the exterior of the park. If you want an indoor fountain you can make high enough with a few levels.

At the bottom, you can make an adult waist height up to 2 or 3 levels well above it. Also planting a pink lotus flower as an added value for your garden that you planted in the shower.